This is a complete Unity game Liquid sort puzzle (water sort puzzle) developed in the unity game engine, Unity 2020.3.11f1, 600 different levels to play, with an easy way to add more levels using a level editor, with full documentation on that.

Your mission is to sort the colored water in the glasses until all colors are in the same glass. A challenging yet relaxing game to exercise your brain! let us see what you are capable of.

– you could add a bottle after watching a reward video add, to help you solve the puzzle.

– banner ad always shows up. (main menu, game)
– interstitial ad after 3 winning times (you can change it).

– you can skip the level after watching a video ad.

– you can customize the game (the documentation shows how)

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Liquid sort ,water sort puzzle, (complete unity Game +unity ads) 2.0
  • Last Update : 5 August 2022 - V2.0
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