HYPER 3D is an easy to use WordPress plugin to display 3D models, scenes and 360° panoramas.
Easy setup through the WordPress admin interface.
Support for GLTF/GLB, FBX, OBJ and STL, with PBR, environment maps and Draco
Display your 3D model anywhere WordPress shortcodes are accepted.
Cross-browser and mobile compatible, responsive, works in WebViews
View modes: orbit and look around, constrainable angles of view
Add hotspots, links and labels at 3D positions around the model.
Effects without effort, just turn them on: soft shadows and reflections
Play the animation of the model or enable automatic rotation.
Secure and data protection compliant, no requests to other servers, no cookies
Comprehensive documentation and support

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HYPER 3D – Model and Panorama Viewer for WordPress
  • 9 March 2022
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