Flutter is a savings & multipurpose investment platform developed with Laravel’s latest update. Your clients can use it to save towards events, the birth of a child, birthdays, Christmas, rent, school fees, & so much more for a 3-12month duration at different interest rates. It supports project & standard investment. Project investment means investing in real estate, agriculture, transportation, startups. The standard involves investing a fixed amount for a certain duration with unique features like recurring capital, buying plans with coupons, claiming profit anytime, contact agreement, investment bonuses. Plans can now be edited without impacting investments already in place. We are making constant changes to make it more secure in the long term. Where security is our primary concern, we use the latest and innovative technologies.

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Flutter v1.2.6 – Savings & Multipurpose Investment Platform
  • Last Update : 20 June 21 - V1.2.6
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