This application shows the information about weight loss diet meal plan, healthy diet menu recipes.Gives you results in just 7 days. On this diet, you will eat three healthy meals and two snacks per day. For easy reference, we have also broken the App down into 5 parts based on your comfort levels – 1200 Calories, 1400 Calories, 1600 Calories,1800 Calories & 2000 Calories. Doesn’t require a lot of preparation – you will be eating regular foods like fruits, vegetables & meat. If you want to know how to diet or lose weight fast, this application can help you. Start losing weight today with this simple diet plan ! The plans model healthy eating patterns you can follow for lifelong weight control.


Android Side

  • Category For Different Diet Plan
  • Sub Category For Different Days Of Diet Plan
  • Fitness Video YouTube, Local and server(local and server only .mp4 format supported)
  • Bmi Calculator
  • Share Feature For Diet Plan
  • Latest NavigationView
  • Rate App,More App And Share App
  • Latest UI With Material Design
  • All Device Combability
  • Check Network Availability
  • Admob With Banner And Interstitial Ads Integrated
  • Easy Admin Panel With Latest Material Design
  • OneSignal Push Notification
  • Android Studio Code

Admin Side

  1. Easy Admin Panel.
  2. Simple and Attractive Admin Panel.
  3. Easily Manage Category and Diet List.
  4. Manage Privacy and About Page from Admin Side
  5. Json Service.

What You Get:

  1. Full Android Source Code
  2. Full Php Code of Server Side.
  3. PSD Design
  4. Full Document with Screen Shot


License Requirement Removed !

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Android Diet Plan App (BMI Calculator, Fitness Videos, Health Care)
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