In this tower defense game, you are in charge of defending the village against enemies who will attack it wave after wave. The game has two modes, one is Arcade mode which has 15 levels and you will unlock new towers in it and the levels will become more challenging as you progress. The other mode is Survival mode that will be unlocked after you have beaten all 15 levels in Arcade mode and it has infinite levels. You need magical energy to deploy towers and you can get this energy either by collecting the ones that fall down or by building Magic Towers (unlocked at level 2). You can also select which towers you will use in the game before level’s start from level 6 and higher. Do your best to beat the arcade mode and test your skills in Survival mode because that’s where the real challenge is!

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Ancient Defence Game | Unity Game Project | Android and iOS
  • Last Update : 25 June 2020
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