Game Overview :
This is a real-time strategic 3D Tank War game. Dozens of tanks at your disposal. Use strategies such as dodging, running, aiming and shooting to defeat your enemies. Become the greatest hero.

Game Target :
You are one man army Go! and SHOOT all the enemy tank and jump to next Level.

Game Concept :
Tanks are loaded with devastating grenade and missiles. You are on mission to kill all the terrorist team and your nations enemy. You own a greats and super powerful tank with strong weapon system. Your motherland is on risk let it save from all monsters tanks. let it clean and kill all the enemy tank.Aim your targeted tank carefully, because after it may start attake on you. Kill all the enemies in one round of shoots and and destroy all future tanks of enemy forces.Be alive as long as you can. Survive you tanks untill you win.

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3D Tank War (Android & IOS)
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