An app that built with customisable app template that will attract customers for both of Clients and Drivers.

The easy-to-use app templates will help to use that included:
Registration, phone number verify screen forms
Pickup, Drop-off choosing screen forms
Booking, checkout screen forms
User, Trip review screen forms
Order, payment screen forms
Driver online screen forms

Template Main Features

65+ XML UI screen forms and UI elements
Card Screen Forms: Product, Store, Transport
Chooser Screen Forms: Date, Time, Datetime, Favourite, Location, Place
Info Screen Forms: Info, Statistics, Ticket
List Screen Forms: List, ItemList
Map Screen Forms: Map, UserMenu, DriverMenu, Checkout
Order Screen Forms: CustomerOrder, OrderDelivery, TakeOrder
Payment Screen Forms: Payment
Register Screen Forms: CodeVerify, NewUser, NewDriver, PhoneNumber
Review Screen Forms: Review
Start, Profile, Settings Activities

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